Lubbock Birth Photography

Elise captures the candid moments in your birth story with art and skill. The unscripted squeezes of your husband's hand. The gasp that escapes when you first greet your son. The first time your daughter looks up at you. Birth photography documents these treasured moments.

Lubbock Birth Photographer

Why hire a birth photographer?

This is a significant event happening in your life and, much like your wedding, you don't want to forget all the details of your birth day. Each stage of labor and delivery happen so quickly, it is hard to remember the minor details that really make up your entire birth story - the way you are supported and encouraged in the birth room, the way baby is placed on your chest, and the way your significant other soaks in their first baby snuggles. Birth photography helps tell your unique birth story through documented lifestyle photos to be cherished for generations.

Lubbock Birth Photographer

Package Includes:

  • Free in-person meet-up to get to know each other and review your birth plan and contracts
  • Availability via phone/text/email anytime throughout pregnancy
  • Guaranteed 24/7 on-call service from beginning of your pregnancy until baby decides to come
  • Coverage of entire labor & 1-2 hours postpartum
  • Positive encouragement throughout labor
  • ~3 images delivered before Elise leaves the hospital, birth center, or your home for baby announcement
  • ~100-200 high resolution hand-edited digital images
  • Payment plan available
Lubbock Birth Photographer
Lubbock Birth Photographer
Lubbock birth photographer
Lubbock Birth Photographer
Lubbock Birth Photographer