Meet Lubbock Birth Photographer: Elise Hurst

Lubbock Birth Photographer


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In 2012, Elise witnessed her first birth on a hot day of 85 degrees in the Philippines at a birth clinic. The beautiful Filipino woman brought her daughter in to the world surrounded by a strong birth team of midwives, and Elise knew that day she wanted to be a part of the birth process somehow. 10 months later Elise went into labor with her first child. Two days later with her husband & mother by her side, a nurse, a midwife, and a birth photographer all in the room, Elise brought her son in to the world. The photos captured that day not only documented her long natural labor, but it gave her a way to process such a life-changing event in a way that nothing else could. There was no question whether she wanted a birth photographer at her next birth when she had her second son. To her there was no greater gift than reliving such a monumental experience.

After years of taking up photography as a hobby(mainly documenting her trips in other countries), Elise realized she wanted to do more with her experience with photography.  The pull to become part of the birth process spilled over at the beginning of 2016. Thus, Elise Hurst Photography - specializing in birth photography - was born. 

Elise is a licensed speech-language pathologist and birth photographer with pursuits to move overseas one day. She is a natural birth advocate, but wants to empower and support women with their birth choices. Email Elise at to chat about your choices for your birth day. 

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