How do I find out about pricing?

Elise is a full believer in meeting in person to talk about pricing. Not only do you get all the details in that meeting, but you get a personal experience that not every birth photographer offers. This gives you a chance to better understand how compatible your personalities will mesh during birth.

When will I get my photos?

Elise delivers ~3 photos before leaving the birth space. The rest of your birth story and Fresh48 session will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Will you share every birth on social media?

Elise LOVES to share powerful images celebrating birth. This empowers mamas and can help change the culture of motherhood and birth in this area. However, your privacy is Elise's main concern. Elise receives explicit permission for each photo from you using an online gallery before posting on social media. 

How many births do you take a month?

Elise solely focuses on birth photography. No weddings or family sessions. Elise only takes 4 births a month to limit the chance of overlapping births. Elise works with incredible back-up birth photographers in the case of an overlap.

Are you allowed in the OR?

Covenant does not allow photographers in the OR. Elise has been granted entry into the OR at UMC 100% of the time, but each doctor has an opinion about how many additional people can accompany the mother. Ask your your care provider their opinion!

Do you offer prints or other products?

Elise loves to work with you to create beautiful art to hang in your home. Elise offers photo albums, prints, canvases, keepsake boxes and a variety of other options. 

How do you do both videography and photography?

Elise takes clips of video between taking still images of your birth story. She seamlessly puts the clips together to create a beautiful birth film. During the moment of birth, the client can choose either still photography OR videography.

Have more questions?

Contact Elise and she will be happy to answer any other question you may have!

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