Lubbock Birth Photographer: Home Birth to C-Section

When RaeAnna and I first met she told me about her first birth experience at home. She planned to have the same birth for her second with a midwife. A couple of weeks before her due date, RaeAnna was admitted to the hospital for an illness the doctors could not seem to diagnose. After an entire week in the hospital, RaeAnna left still feeling weak and tired, but overall much better considering she could not even lift her wrists just days before. 

48 hours after she was discharged, RaeAnna's water broke at 37 weeks and 4 days. Her midwife had already decided to transfer services to a doctor, Dr. Hook, in the hospital setting due to RaeAnna's health the previous week. On top of it all baby was breech! RaeAnna found the best doctor to try and help her achieve a vaginal delivery. 

RaeAnna went to the hospital around 12:30am on August 8th. I rushed to the hospital soon after. RaeAnna labored in any position she found comfortable, and after 9 hours of laboring down and pushing for a while she was wheeled in to the OR in case a cesarean would be necessary. RaeAnna pushed multiple times before she, her husband, Chris, and her doctor decided a c-section was necessary as the baby was not descending despite every attempt. 

Ava Rae was born breech at 9:50am weighing right at 7lbs. 

This family stood strong as they processed each decision throughout their birth journey. It wasn't easy to relinquish the picture they had envisioned to welcome Ava at home. I was proud of Alex Wyatt, the midwife, Dr. Hook, and the other care providers giving options every step of the way and letting RaeAnna and Chris make decisions for the birth of Ava. I was proud to document how this birth ended up unfolding.

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First Born Hospital Birth

I met Kelli and her husband a few years back in church. We quickly realized we were both CrossFitters and could connect on a whole different level. Kelli has been to the CrossFit games 3 times in the team division. To say the least, this mama is a beast. For how strong and athletic she is, she is also one of the sweetest and most tender hearted women I've ever met! 

She text me early in the morning two days after her estimated due date. Before my phone even vibrated, I was laying in my bed thinking 'it is time for baby Cramer.' She let me know she had been up all night with "cramps" starting at 1:30am and that they were headed to the hospital at 8am. 

Adam supported Kelli throughout her contractions helping her to find the most comfortable position and helping her stay relaxed. She worked through her labor unmedicated in the hospital dilating from 3cm at 8:30am to 9cm at 1pm. My favorite quote of this mama the entire day was, "I just want to have fun! I just want to have fun.." She decided on an epidural and I have never seen such a huge smile on her face after it took effect. She told me she was having so much fun as she filled the room with laughter! 

This being my first birth as an official birth photographer, I was exhilarated and extremely nervous. Kelli's primary nurse was incredibly sweet and easy to work with. Her husband was amazing and a strong supporter of Kelli. It was a dream. Their first born made his debut at 4:54pm. Thank you all so much for letting me be a part of your birth day!