Lubbock Birth Photographer: A Surrogate Birth Story

Stephanie called me from Houston around 1:30am saying Amanda, the surrogate mama, was going in for an emergency c-section. This meant Stephanie wasn't going to be able to make it to her son's birth. I rushed to the hospital make-up smeared and half awake. Stephanie called me back just as I was getting out of car telling me to run because Amanda wasn't answering her phone at that point.

I ran inside fumbling to find my license to sign in. A local doula was standing at the desk and told me to just breathe. I walked into labor and delivery in a sweat, but a little calmer. I made it in time just before they rolled Amanda back to the OR.

Her husband, who goes weak at the thought of blood and had no intentions of being in the delivery room, was going to be her source of support since no one else had made it to the hospital. He was more nervous than any of us!

I was in the OR less than 7 minutes. I was let in just as Harrison was born via belly birth. The c-section took a total of 4 minutes, and Harrison was with the NICU team for 3 minutes before being wheeled back to the NICU. This was definitely the fastest birth I've ever been a part of.

Stephanie arrived from Houston on the earliest flight to meet her son 8 hours later. She had been inducing lactation for a few weeks at this point and was ready whenever Harrison was able to eat. Her husband, Will, arrived 10 hours after Stephanie. 

I came back to document his first bath and the day he graduated NICU. He was in the NICU a total of 12 days before heading back to Houston with Stephanie. Amanda was completely selfless and so loving to carry this sweet gift for 32 weeks. Surrogacy is beautiful.