Lubbock Birth Photographer: the Home Birth of Elijah

When I knocked on the Denison's door to their home for a first meeting, I was not expecting my very own dentist to open the door. I was completely elated to be welcomed by Dr. Denison, meet his wife, a nurse practitioner, and hear their beautiful story together. It was only a few weeks after this initial meeting that I received a phone call in the early morning that labor had begun. 

Lori was already in the tub in her bathroom when I arrived. Time seemed to stand still when I entered the room and witnessed such a serene moment - Lori working through a contraction silently, her husband holding her up and supporting her, her midwife and doula at her side with silent reassurance. I swiftly moved throughout the bathroom and took photos, but my memory of actually clicking the shutter on my camera is vague. I remember more of just witnessing the peaceful presence each person seemed to possess. I truly felt like a fly on the wall. For the next 30 minutes Kendra, her doula, made sure she was hydrated, focused using Frankincense essential oils, and prayer to help her through transition. 

Within the hour of arriving, Elijah was born just before 6am at 8lbs 3oz, and what a beautiful boy he was! 

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